Largest Bird in the World

How large is the largest bird in the world? What are the biggest birds in the world, the largest ratites and the largest flying birds?
We are going to find the biggest bird in the world, and created a list of the ten largest birds in the world, based on the average weight of an adult animal. Moreover, the bird with the largest wingspan is the giant albatross. The average span is more than 3 meters, and the largest birds have a wingspan of more than 3.7 meters. But the average weight is "only" a kilo or 9, that the bird with the largest wingspan well below the largest bird is weight.

10. Dalmatian Pelican - 11.5 kg

Dalmatian Pelican
The Dalmatian pelican is the largest bird in the pelicans family and the largest flying bird. The animals may be about 1.70 meters long and do in terms of wingspan barely beneath the giant albatross. The largest flying birds in the world can reach a maximum weight of up to 15 kilograms. They also fly only short distances.

9. King Penguin - 13.6 kg

King Penguin
The king penguin is the second largest penguin species; only the emperor penguin is, as the name implies, is even greater. They are about 90 centimeters long and 20 kilograms heavy. Striking these animals is the way of living. The huge colonies of hundreds of thousands of birds are sometimes large; as the population at Salisbury Plain in South Georgia (near the Falkland Islands), more than 100,000 breeding pairs in size. See the image below for an impression.

8. Darwin's Rhea - 19,6 kg

Darwin's Rhea
Rheas are a group of closely related ratites ostriches. The family contains two species, Darwin's rhea is the smallest. Darwin's Rhea is among the ratites. If Darwin's Rhea is mature, the animal weighs on average 28.6 kilograms. A great starting point to achieve multiplication! If the females have laid their eggs all in one nest, the male takes its responsibility; he incubates the eggs for about five weeks off. Adult birds live with peers in a group.

7. Dwarf Cassowary - 19.7 kg

Dwarf Cassowary
The dwarf cassowary is, as the name suggests, the smallest of the three species of cassowaries.
These birds, known in Australia as "cassowaries", mainly occur in the mountainous areas of Papua New Guinea. They are solitary animals.

6. Rhea - 23 kg

The other and biggest Nando kind is simply called rhea. The largest birds weigh 40 kilograms and are more than 1.80 meters high. They occur naturally in the vast plains in the center and southeast of South America. Because of their diverse diet and strong constitution, however, also some escaped rheas in Germany started a colony.

5. Emperor penguin - 31.5 kg

Emperor penguin
Emperor penguins are the largest penguin species and the fifth largest species. They can be more than 1.20 meters high with a maximum weight of over 45 kilograms. The most special emperor penguins is their habitat.

They can survive in lower temperatures than any other species; Antarctic winter can freeze it 60 degrees. The fifth largest birds survive through a variety of mechanisms; the best known is the massive flock together to isolate each other.

4. Emu - 33 kg

The emu is the largest naturally occurring bird of Australia. On ostriches after the largest bird in the world. The bird is 1.50 to 2 meters tall and weighs 60 kg. The male is usually smaller.

Reportedly they existed 80 million years ago, when dinosaurs still walked around on earth. Emus are very curious animals, which is especially known for their typical inquisitive look.

3. Northern Cassowary - 44 kg

Northern Cassowary
The northern cassowary is substantially equal to its slightly larger cousin, the southern cassowary in many ways. Especially the huge, three-toed feet stand out, as is clearly visible in the picture right. It is also not difficult to see where the northern cassowary its name from. The second largest bird in the world can weigh up to 75 kg and about 1.80 meters tall.

2. Southern Cassowary - 45 kg

Southern Cassowary
The southern cassowary is the largest bird in the family of cassowaries and the second largest bird in the world. The animal is not to be trifled with; when they feel threatened by people they usually do not flee, but they go with their sharp claws into the attack.

In the breeding season, the southern cassowary extra dangerous. The female lays three to eight per litter green eggs. Birds defending the nest with chicks. The cock incubates the eggs. Once they laid her eggs, she leaves the nest in search of a new cock. They mate each breeding season, with 2 or 3 different cocks. After 50 to 60 days the rooster has hatched eggs. The chicks remain 9 to 10 months for the father. They choose their own path.

1. Ostrich - 104 kg

The ostrich is by far the largest bird in the world. The ostrich is the largest and heaviest contemporary species. Adult males can weigh up to 2.75 meters and 155 kilograms, but an average of 1.80 to 2.10 meters; Females are slightly smaller and lighter, up to 1.90 meters tall and 110 kilograms heavy. Because they can not fly, they have developed various other ways to escape potential predators. They have eyes about 5 inches in diameter - probably more than any other land animal - and they run away from their enemies at speeds up to 70 kilometers per hour - and that does sustain an hour.

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