Top 10 Jennifer Lopez Movies List

Top 10 List, Top 10 Jennifer Lopez Movies - Jennifer Lopez was born on July 24, 1969 in New York. Her parents are from Puerto Rico but emigrated to the Bronx for J-Lo came into the world. Handyman is of course best known for its musical exploits but it does not stop there. Besides musician Lopez is indeed also a dancer, designer, fashion icon and a damn good actress. Due to the incredible success as a singer is not always appreciated her performance on the big screen. And that is not right, especially its films show that Jennifer Lopez can really act for her big break!

1. Out of Sight

Out of Sight
Great crime film from 1998 directed by Steven Soderbergh with perhaps the two most beautiful people on earth at that time George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez. The attraction between the two jumps off the screen. A career criminal (role played by George Clooney) escapes from prison. Along the way he kidnaps a US Marshall (role Lopez) but feels more and more mutual attraction with her.

2. U-Turn

Crime drama from 1997. A man (the role of Sean Penn) goes to Vegas to pay off his gambling debts to the mob kills him. However, he will breakdown and beach in a hamlet. Here he explains it with a young married woman (Lopez). Her husband, however, hires him to murder her. But he also hired by her to murder him.

3. Selena

Biographical drama from 1997. The true story of Selena Quintanilla-Perez (role Lopez) who gained cult status from the Texas landscape to finally get to the top of the charts. Lopez received a Golden Globe for her role and showed that she really can act!

4. Blood and wine

Blood and wine
Crime drama from 1996. Alex has failed as a father and as a man (the role of Jack Nicholson) commits a robbery to get money for his failing business. He steals jewelry from Frank Reese. He calls this the help of his mistress Gabriella (Lopez). However, it is complicated when the woman is in love Reese and Alex does not want to share him with his mistress.

5. The Cell

The Cell
Probably the most daring role in the career of Lopez, convinced an FBI agent a social worker (role Lopez) this horror movie from 2001 with experience in experimental technology, to penetrate the mind of a comatose serial killer. The target? The location to find out where he imprisons his latest kidnap victim. She ends up in a colorful fantasiehel of the psychopath and should do its best to not under it himself.

6. Maid in Manhattan

Maid in Manhattan
Romantic comedy from 2002. A candidate Senator (role of Ralph Fiennes) falls for a chambermaid (role Lopez). The only problem? He thinks she is a rich socialite when he sees her match the dress of a rich lady.

7. Jersey girl

Jersey girl
Romantic drama / comedy from 2004 directed by Kevin Smith. The role of Jennifer Lopez's only small, but that does not mean that it's a fun movie. When his career after an unexpected tragedy sidetracked must hit a single man (the role Ben Affleck) caring for his daughter smart take on.

8. Anaconda

Action / horror from 1997. The crew of a National Geographic film is held hostage by a crazed hunter (role played by Jon Voight) which forces them to work with his obsession: the hunt for the world's largest and most dangerous snake.

9. The wedding planner

The wedding planner
Back to the romantic comedy. In The Wedding Planner 2001 Lopez plays Mary Fiore, the best wedding planner in San Francisco. One day, however, she broke the cardinal rule: she falls for the groom (the role of Matthew McConaughey).

10. Money Train (1995)

Money Train (1995)
In 1995, Lopez scored one of her first major film roles in the film Money Train. She plays alongside Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson. All three are agents working in the New York subway. However Harrelsons character has gambling debts and wants to rob a money train. Lopez and Snipes, however, try to stop him.

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